Brennah, 1992, Denver



someone is going to say “i have to go to the moon” in a bored, defeated tone one day

I just remembered my coworker saw me without my glasses on and said
“hey where are your glasses?”
“Oh I left them in my purse”
“Oh, you should go get them! You look smarter with them on.”

But he said it with an upward inflection or something so it didn’t sound like an insult but as I’m lying here in bed that was definitely an insult

So I just made some chocolate chip cookies and I was standing at my sink cleaning ze pans and such when I felt a breeze from the window to my left. I had felt some earlier, but this one was especially cold and gave me a little chill. When I looked out I saw a human shaped figure that was pale white step to the left until it was out of my view. I even heard the crunch of grass as they shuffled. I immediately knew this to be odd because there is a motion activated light in my back yard- so I waited for someone to walk inside, but no one did.
I even walked out to check and see if the light had been turned off, but it flicked on as soon as I took two steps into my yard.
And upon further examination from where I was standing in the kitchen, and where the figure was- they had to be pretty damn tall.
So slenderman lives in my backyard, guys.

Definitely just saw a ghost. That actually just spooked me and I don’t get easily spooked. 8(